How to Uninstall Bitdefender 2018 from Windows 10?

Bitdefender antivirus software is no doubt giving the best protection to computer systems. But nowadays owing to ever increase of online threats with new types of virus and worms emerging in the cyber world, operating system developers are also giving a built-in security application to protect the computers from such risks without antivirus software.

Uninstall Bitdefender 2018

Windows 10 comes with advance windows defender system to control the unwanted threats that can damage the computers with virus or other malicious files. However, if you have installed Bitdefender antivirus on your computer and don’t know how to uninstall Bitdefender windows 10, follow the series of steps given below to successfully remove the software from the system.

Steps to Remove Bitdefender from Windows 10:

Step 1: Click Start button and then select the Settings icon.

Step 2: Now select the System icon in the Settings area, then click Apps.

Step 3: Find here Bitdefender 2018 in the Apps and features tab and right-click to Uninstall.

Step 4: Click Uninstall again to confirm your decision to remove the Bitdefender from your PC.

Step 5: Click Remove and then select as per your choice: I want to reinstall it or I want to permanently remove it.

Step 6: Click Next to continue.

Step 7: Wait for the uninstall process to complete, and then reboot your system to make PC free from Bitdefender 2018 internet security protection.

These are the simple steps to uninstall the Bitdefender antivirus from your windows computer. If you need any kind of help or you facing an error, you can call at Bitdefender Contact Number 1-877-240-5577 and get online assistance by experts to help you for uninstall the setup successfully. Here you will get quick and right assistance without disturbing any other setting of your computer and if you want to reinstall the Bitdefender again then keep reading our blog we will soon update the next post with right installation process of Bitdefender antivirus.

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